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Our mission

At Revoolt we’re convinced that there are other ways of shifting the current paradigm of mobility, for this reason we’ve decided to put ourselves to work on new ideas and concepts to improve the way we move through the cities. With the help of technology we plan to conceive solutions that help us take a leap forward in the way we transport ourselves and our things to enjoy a better environment.

Our first challenge: an all-in-one sustainable platform for all those players who require or offer delivery services in the last mile.

Our principles

Harmonious mobility
Services based on sustainable, simple and useful transport.

User centric
Our main focus is the client and his enjoyment of the experience, beginning to end.

Connected vehicles (IoT) and integrated with our platform to perfect last mile delivery services.

“Revoolt seamlessly merges sustainable and connected mobility with a fresh and innovative cloud platform to offer the first all-in-one solution focused on deliveries in the last mile”


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