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Fleet management

Control your vehicles at just one glance and in real time. Receive and analyse usage reports in a matter of seconds.


Decision making will now be quick, easy and backed by hard data, thanks to the platform’s report generator.

Real time notifications

Notify your clients of any changes in the status of their order. Keep them informed and ensure an excellent user experience.

Multi-user platform

Create different user profiles and assign different access levels because not all users have the same responsibilities.

Integration assured

The integration with your processes and systems is guaranteed thanks to our API and all of this in a simple and transparent way.

Cloud Platform

No need for complex and expensive installations, get your delivery platform up and running in a matter of minutes.

Continuous improvements

We add new functionality daily and you get to use them immediately.

Two-way communication

Receive and notify issues in real time between drivers and your HQ control through the platform.


Our platform is designed to serve multiple languages, we can overcome any linguistic barriers.

Immediate feedback

Send out satisfaction questionnaires after each delivery and receive feedback and service reports back in real time.


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