Measures against COVID-19

In our effort to improve the quality of service and guarantee the health of employees and customers, we inform you that REVOOLT has incorporated a battery of zero contact policies as well as preventive andhygienic measures in order to avoid the exposure to coronavirus.

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1. Customer will not need to sign.

The delivery man will be in charge of notifying that the delivery has been made to avoid the client's contact with the employee's mobile terminal.

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2. Distance between delivery man and customer.

The delivery man will keep the security distance with the clients and will not be able to enter their home. Instead, it will leave the order in front of the entrance.

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3. Sanitary equipment.

The whole delivery staff will be equipped with disposable gloves and mask.

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4. Continuous hand hygiene.

All the staff have hydroalcoholic disinfectant solutions in the vehicles and must use them after each delivery.

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