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Find out all the benefits of a digital controller: check your control panel from every device and location. No complicated set-ups and with immediate access.


Notifications in real time

Keep your clients informed of all the status changes for their orders.

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Order monitoring

Keep an eye on the status and location of all your orders with a single look and in real time.

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Performance reports

Get solid performance data from your deliveries and the quality of the service you are hiring.

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Satisfaction survey

Get feedback from your clients after every delivery.

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Control panel view

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Guaranteed Integration

Integrate our API with your on-line business platform and streamline the service order creation.

Without difficult and expensive installations, get your delivery platform running in just minutes.

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Drivers' App

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Stay informed of everything happening in real time

Our delivery team interacts in real time with your control panel. Get theirmessages and have them get yours in real time. Be aware of any delivery incident at the time it occurs.

In addition, we have POD (Proof on Delivery) technology that generates digital delivery notes with the signature of the receiver so you can have the guarantee that the delivery was successful.

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